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 N a m e : Herri Mulyono

Place, date of birth : October, 5th 1980

Address : Bekasi

Educational Background :

University of York, UK (PhD in TESOL) at present

Field of Expertise:

1. The teaching of English

2. Curriculum, Syllabus, and Book Design

3. Management of School and Virtual Learning

4. Educational Research

5. Development of Teaching Media using IT (Pengembangan Bahan Ajar berbasis iT)

6. Teacher Trainer

7. Hypnosis, Hypnoteaching, and Hypnotherapy


1. English Instructors at Intensive English Course (IEC), 2002-2007, Center for English Learning (CEL), 2002-2005, Berdikari English School, 2002-2007, Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika (LPIA), 2004

2. English Teachers at SDN Kebon Bawang 08 PT, 2002-2008, SMA Negeri 92, 2007-present

3. English Lecturer at Polytechnic Bina Indonesia Jakarta, 2005, Muhammadiyah University of Prof. Dr. Hamka, 2009-now, Graduate Program Muhammadiyah Univeristy of Prof. Dr. Hamka, 2010-now, Visiting Lecturer STMT Tri Sakti Jakarta, 2011-now

4. Education Research Consultant, 2006-now

5. Teacher Trainer for TPA, TK, SD Teachers in Jakarta at FITKOM, 2007-2009

6. Book writer, reviewer and improvement; “English for Children” Class 1-6, 2005

7. Test Consultant for Extracurricular Program at SDS Plus Hang Tuah 1, 5 and 6 under cooperation with IEC, 2007-2010

8. Founder of Academic Room, available at

9. Managing Director of E Compusoft English Online Training at 2009-now

10. “Certified Trainer” for “The first to teach conversation class” from 2009

11. “Certified Debate Adjudicator” from Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia, 2009

12. Developer of E-Learning (web-based learning) at Aktif Inggris. 2010-now

13. IT Staff of School Administration System at SMA Negeri 92 Jakarta, 2007-2009.

14. Computer Laboratory Management and IT Consultant at SMA Negeri 83 Jakarta, 2005-2009

15. Chief of Adjudicator, High School Debate Competition, North Jakarta 2009

16. Paper Presenter at International Conference University of Lampung, 2010

17. Speaker at Workshop on TEFL, Universitas Pelita Harapan, 2010


19. Speaker at Cambodian TESOL (CamTESOL), National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2012


1. English Teacher Association (MGMP) Jakarta, Committee of High School English Debate, 2009-2012



1. “Students’ Response toward the Use of Supermemory Music in Reading Lesson”, 2003

2. “Using sequencing story telling with Music Accompaniment in Stimulating Students’ Speaking”, 2008

3. “Designing Computer Mediated Communication in Teaching Readng for High School Students”, 2010


My workplace, The Institute for Effective Education (IEE), The Univ. of York (UK) (1:57)