Teacher Code Ethic


It has been widely known that code of ethic refers to both rules and guideless which are used by teachers in their educational profession to complete their duties, without expecting any returns that teacher probably may receive.

The nine codes of ethic of the Indonesian Teacher which are stated in the letter of Minister of Empowerment of State Apparatuses No. 26 year 1989 concerning to Teacher Tasks as Professional Duties, are shown below:

  1. Teachers are to commit in guiding their students to establish developing human with the five principles ideology.
  2. Teachers are to embrace heart of professional honesty in implementing curriculum as what is needed by each of their student.
  3. Teachers create communication particularly in collecting information on their students by avoiding the abuse of the information.
  4. Teacher create school environment and manage the relationship with students’ parents for the shake of students’ need of education.
  5. Teachers maintain good cooperation either with society in school surrounding or wider society for the interest of education.
  6. Teachers either individually or by together endeavor to develop and improve the quality of profession.
  7. Teachers are to crate and maintain the relations among them, either on the basis of work relation within whole atmosphere.
  8. Together, teachers create, maintain and improve the quality of professional organization as their place of work.
  9. Teachers are to implement any documents which are the government’s policy on sector of education.


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