Me and Love

Me and Love

I asked Love to come nearby
But she neglected, running far away from me

Then, I sang out the bliss I am filling in
But Love kept her ears off, blowing my heart away

I put heart of mine all people were missing
On the corner, I sat as the moment leaving all the days

I could not understand when suddenly she touched my hands
She said, not you dear loved me deep

Not you love I was longing for
There, I cried nothing

Love gave me the answer
None she left me with the explanation
Worth she engraved my heart in tender

Knowing that love
Is not what we were feeling in deep
But what were encompassing life so sweet


12 thoughts on “Me and Love

  1. My opinion about this is very so sad, because a people(He) hope about Love but The Love Leaving his. None she Left me with the explanation worth. and He must know about Love that We weren’t feeling in deep.Thank’s

  2. My opinion about this is poerty .

    this poerty is very so sad,

    because he has not hope for get her love or all people ..
    he already a try get heart from all people .
    but he only fixed to failed .

    thanks …

    by : Idha Abralia Ayuningrum
    Class : XI – IPA1

  3. I felt mising without you.
    Empety, it liked heart was thirsty by your love.
    I felt a love in my heart.
    Love was not escape from yourself.
    I did not want loose by you.
    Be loosen from your love.
    In my heart said “don’t go my love because i haven’t said love to you”.

    It was my false. i had not said love by her when she wanted to leave me. And then i feel alone now. Well about poetry “me and love”. i am fond of this poetry because i proud with that man. altought his love does not love him in deep. but he has said love by her. so he does not have a debt in his heart.

  4. my opinion about this poetry is wonderful and not only the lyiric is about sad in love.that man was crying because his love does not love him. it is so nice…..!!!!!!!

  5. SO SAD!!! Becouse the poetry talking about the man who love someone, but she not love him deep but she leave him. in the end of poetry i very proud with him becouse he is gentleman, he show the truth or reality with a word:” knowing that love is not what we felling in deep, but what were encompassing life so sweet.

    I choose this poetry becouse i ever felt like this poetry. i very love him and he responses my love. but he is not love me deep and then he leave me. i very sad without him. in this story i learn something about love. if your love leave you alone do not cry but enjoy this live, there are many boys in the earth not only him, becouse ” LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS BE MINE BUT HOW YOU SHOW YOUR LOVE TO YOUR LOVER, AND REMEMBER LIVE SO SWEET SO ENJOY THIS LIVE.”

  6. masha Allah, it’s great to hear … when a woman loves a man, it can be wrong when it feels so right … Allah knows best … me and love … Allah The Almighty who knows the best for us …

  7. yeah …it can be …., what is the real love??? tell me, Sir. I’m too scared to fall in love because I think, love comes after marriage …

    • If love just comes after marriage, you are left for years to know what love is. Love is beautiful that a real love will go to eternity. If you fall in love to a man for his appearance or wealth, then you’ll be losing him while the two go away from him. Love comes to a man for he is appropriate to be loved. Love a man that you think he is appropriate or proper to be loved. Love just comes to things proper to be loved too.

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