Recalling Sex in English Writing

Recalling Sex in English Writing

Reviews by: Herri Mulyono

This article is written based on Seminar in Teaching Writing for Large Group Students in 2001 Tutored by Ms. Gillian Green from New Zeland, 2001.

A good writing, by which we are specifying into term “paragraph” later on, is led by how such a writer arranges his sentences in appropriate order. The more appropriate a writer arranges the sentences, the better writing he is producing. It is because each sentence has it own place which will be much significant in determining the flow of the ideas in the writing. When the sentences are well arranged which may mean that the ideas flow properly as the sequence, readers will be easy to understand the information being conveyed over the writing.

The term “SEX” has been recognised as the simplest technique in writing used to conceive some sentences in appropriate order. SEX, which stands for Statement Explanation eXample, gives you a picture on how to put the sentences on the exact place they should be. The first you start your writing, write a statement which reflects your idea, the point you want the readers to know. Then, clarify the statement by giving some explanations. Brief and clear explanations will much of benefits for your writing rather than the longer ones by which readers with high educational background possibly would see them as such a piece of nonsense.

Adding some examples after describing the idea will be such of benefits for your writing. It will assist the readers in finding the understanding just the same what has come out from your mind. Examples in writing are not crucial but become necessary when the explanation you have described is rather difficult for the ordinaries to digest. A paragraph without having examples in it is still seen appropriate as long as readers can find and understand its idea on the way it has to be.

In some writing cases related to the SEX, explanations and examples are occasionally packaged into one. By this, the explanations would consist of their examples or the examples could cover the explanations. Hence, in particular occasion, the statement we are writing would later be followed by explanation or possibly by some examples.

Supposedly, a paragraph contains only an idea. However, devising one or more statements, more explanations, and even numbers of examples to reflect the idea in the form of writing is still possible. This means as you will further note, a paragraph might possibly employs more SEXes to flow its idea in order to keep it in intelligible track.

Pay attention to following paragraph and notice how the SEX is well used to arrange the paragraph!

“Creating distrust within a group is not a good idea for several reasons. First, when group members distrust other members to do their share of works, for example, they will loaf themselves rather than risk looking like a “sucker” who does the bulk of the work (Kerr, 1983). Second, when group members cannot trust each other, they often compete simply to defend their own best interests. …”1

Creating distrust within a group is not a good idea for several reasons.

Explanations: (by giving reasons)
(1) when group members distrust other member to do their share of works

they will loaf themselves

(2) when group members cannot trust each other

Example: (by giving more explanation)
they often compete simply to defend their own best interests

To provide you clear understanding related to the SEX, do the following practice. Write what is the idea each paragraph conveys through its statement? How does it describe the topic? And what are the examples?

Practice 1

Paragraph 1

The anecdotal evidence indicates that meditation acts occasionally as a “magic bullet”. Insomniacs and migraine suffers are most likely to report quick and lasting results. Meditation can strip off the top 20 percent of tension that triggers or a migraine attack.2

Paragraph 2

Human beings have always liked to explore new places. People who live in cities like to explore the many different neighbourhoods of their city. They enjoy finding new markets, new restaurants, and new entertainment. When they have a vacation, they go to explore the countryside. People who live in the countryside like to explore that world, too. They often walk in the woods and along the rivers, and, when they have a vacation, they frequently go to the city.3

Paragraph 3

Until recently, humans did not live very long. In the past, there were many old people. When archaeologist looked at one of the oldest cemeteries in the world, they found that most of the people there were less than twenty-five years old when they died.4

Paragraph 4

The fact is that memorization is a very inefficient way to study. The students who relies on this method tries to remember everything, because it might be on an exam. In a more challenging course, this strategy will prove very taxing and frustrating. Although memorization may work reasonably well during elementary and high school years, it is usually a disastrously inadequate way to approach learning in a collage.5

Practice 2

Analyse the following sentences and decide if each of them is a statement, an explanation or examples. Write S for the statement, E for the explanation, and X for the example! One or more answers are possible.

Another reason why memorization is in adequate in collage is that new knowledge appears at an incredibly rapid rate in many fields6. ( E )
The criteria, of course, can be seen from her daily attitudes. (…..)
Many scientists are on one idea that music greatly affects human. (…..)
They could be in your school society, environment, or even internally in your home. (…..)
Human has two hemispheres inside the brain. (…..)
Thousands of tourists visit Bali each year. (…..)
It can be said that water covers almost two-third of the earth. (…..)
For example, in traditional marker, many vegetables are sold without having any package. (…..)
We are sometimes puzzled in judging people concerning their customs. (…..)
The use of computer nowadays becomes more important. (…..)


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