When i asked the wind …

I asked the wind, to blow me

Back when I was holding your hands

But it cried

Told me it couldn’t

I requested to the sun, to light on

The path bright as I was walking with you

But it ran away

Let me in dark

None answered my wishes

All kept silent

In desperate

They were leaving me

But, then,

God handed me a book

That showed your tenderness

Just the same, when

I touched your fingers

There, I saw your smiles so sweet

Showered me with the joys, as

I was with you

Together through the path

This memory,

What God has given

Engraves the bliss on the heart

Just the same what we had


5 thoughts on “When i asked the wind …

  1. it is beautifull poetry..
    did you make that poetry???
    I can get the message from that poetry, that massage is when we in dark, we can get the bliss, and don’t fill we failed, than make sure that we can get anything…

  2. what a good poetry!
    the means of this poetry is so amazed. i think that it is true. when all leaving us, only one who always faith with us. that is GOD. GOD know what our feel than other. even though HE know our life than our selves. HE always give something that it can make us happy.

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