When the silence came …

I remembered

when the silence came over me

No words, no sounds

Just a silence

Silence gave me something

For me to learn

For me to understand

Only about silence

When people say silence is a pain

I always remember

That silence has colored my life


8 thoughts on “When the silence came …

  1. i think this messages describes about silence has coloured in the life because silent can make me learn and understanding.

  2. i’m choose poetry “when the silence came” because the poetry is very good, touch my heart. and this poetry ever there in my life. and the last i’m agree with the silence give we quite, inspiration, and the silence can make to learn and can make to understand.

  3. i think this poetry is true n the silence make me understand with what happen in my world. i think again under silence is gold.
    if we much talk as empty vessel make the most sound.

  4. i’m agree with this poetry because this poetry is very…..very….fantastic.
    i’m very like with silent because that give me happy,silent can get inspiration,learn and make me to understand above my life .

  5. My opinion about a poetry the theme “WHEN THE SILENCE COME” I thing its good poetry,because in the words in the that poetry have some beauty meaning and every words have a romance feel.every work i thing have to lack and nothing its perfect.when I reading it, I have feeling if its is me…..and to lack from the poetry is this poetry very simple in take a words,so the beauty full point the poetry minus.if this poetry to make complete with symbols love in every sentence I am sure this poetry became very good. I thing its enough,and thank you.

  6. my opinion about this poetry is very touch my heart and very reality because a silence can make situation is more comfort, make heart visible be calm and add imagination.

  7. my opinion about poetry “WHEN THE SILENCE COME” is very-very good and make me understand that silence not only give something bad to other people,but so happy.silence can give we change in we life.i just give message to someone is hate with silence,that silence its beauty . . . .thank you…..

  8. I think
    that not all the silence make bored in this the silence has coloured someone’s life, everthing that poeple said that something is bad, but in fact i think is not too bad, even can make a big change and means a lot for her/his life

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