APPROACHES – METHOD – TECHNIQUE: Teacher’s concept understanding on Real Classroom Practice


Teacher’s concept understanding on Real Classroom Practice

Written by: Herri Mulyono

In daily practice of language teaching and learning, it does not seem easy to define particular activities regarded either as approach, method or technique. The term approach particularly is understood as theoretical base while method is how the theory is tailored with classroom practices. Both approach and method are viewed as conceptual frame work which at practical side technique concerns with real implementation phase within classroom context. Regarding to those terms, commonly teacher acts out particular role within a bound of activities ignoring if such activities are part of an approach, method or technique. Teacher simply notes down that the activities he is carrying out during teaching and learning process could be beneficial to students’ language learning and put aside any theoretical view point. Understanding on particular learning theory or other learning design seems not to be so significant in teacher’s lesson plan.

However, knowing theoretical basis from particular learning activities might provide other value for teacher himself. It is mainly directed to particular result teacher wants to achieve whether he is directing his students to grammatical competency or sort of communication skill of using language. Those results have been so obvious when teacher himself has already understood a learning theory especially if he is dealing with language learning practices. In addition, teacher’s understanding on an approach, method or other technical terms would advantage his lesson plan that cover procedures or particular learning activities appropriately. It is for teacher to know rationale from sort of procedure and why particular learning activities which have to carry out and how it provides fundamental value for both teacher and students as well.

For instance, in monitor model, Krashen describes widely the language acquisition and language learning, how both are related and influential as well. By understanding, for example, how a baby gains his first language which is called as language acquisition – the natural internalization of language understanding, teacher might adopt particular situation or condition in a process of language acquisition, that later he possibly replicate such situation or condition to classroom context or design. In language acquisition, it is understood that the first ability out of the five senses a baby has been usable state is hearing. This means that utilization of students’ aural competency could become primary objective of language learning that listening behavior plays great roles during language classroom activities.

Although teacher might be familiar with any learning activities that he is delivering during teaching and learning activities, his ignorance on the approach and method underlying such activities might result misleading of the objectives which are originally intended by those activities. Teacher merely knows that the activities he is carrying out during process of teaching and learning might be beneficial to his students’ learning, and yet, he is not aware of particular language items he is developing to his students.

In brief, instead of being familiar for some learning activities, understanding conceptual framework of the activities might be beneficial for the teacher in his effort of achieving exact objective that is truly intended by those learning activities. For such idea, it is important for teacher to study and explore theoretical understanding of his teaching and learning activities which further would sharpen his professionals.


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