EQ or IQ, for future?

EQ or IQ, for future?

Written by: Herri Mulyono

Let me give in front of you a story. A student of mine, just say his name Mike, felt a bit frustrated as his scores in national final exam (or in Indonesia High School, it is called UAN) went bad. Couple times he asked me whether or not he would pass some entrance examinations held by a university. Of course it is reasonable for him to be downed as the scores of his UAN (which here I would say as one way to measure one’s IQ) becomes a reference for his future success. It cannot be blamed as “fool” condition, why such UAN scores become so much important in one’s future life.

For years, IQ test has been proven as an effective way to measure human’s intelligence. Such this statement is derived from evidences showing how IQ test is important to be held in particular institutions to see their employees’ intelligence. In addition, IQ or intelligence quotient is often seen not only as indication of human’s intelligence but also the capability of human’s brain. Even more, many people claim whether or not a person is clever must be seen from the result of his IQ test. IQ, standard human intelligence test, can it be true??? Can good result of IQ promote the person to successful life in the future??

Before, I continue to describe more about IQ, I would like to clarify what I mean by IQ or intelligence quotient (in Bahasa Indonesia it may similar meaning with hasil kecerdasan). Human intelligence goes to human’s brain capability. Or, here, how human can employ his brain to produce the best thought. IQ test is designed to measure the competence of both human brain hemispheres which are placed at the right and left of the brain. The right side hemisphere then we know as right brain and another is recognize as left-brain. Of course, each hemisphere has its own functions which are different from the other. The IQ test examines which one of the two hemispheres would be so dominant that will result on the way he is thinking.

School test seems to be designed to measure students’ understanding towards particular subjects by which, during the test, sometimes they are asked to analyze some cases and are to give some solutions. Here, I do not see any difference between IQ test and School test. They are even similar. Both tests are intended to see one’s intelligence, or “brain-competence.” Having School test may be similar to having IQ test. However, the result from IQ test cannot mirror the school test as some fields have been left and others are added.

Good result IQ test, or even school test does not guarantee the successful of human life as cleverness is not too significant for our future success. Why is it, so? All right then, let see some evidences; in book Menuju SDM berdaya written by Kisdarto Atmosoerapto, research result held by American Business Concern shows that 94% company top leaders who achieved their business successes, are determined by attitude factors rather than the aptitudes. Also, Judy Qua in her book Teach Only Love (1993) mentions that 85% of human success is from the attitude. Moreover, Daniel Goleman in his book The New Leader writes; “IQ surely takes account when deciding the right persons in certain leading position, but emotional intelligence (EI) seems to be the next requirements.

Those who achieve good result of IQ test should not have been proud first, as the attitude which is one of Emotional Intelligence (EI) becomes next requirement. Attitude, yes, surely it is the accomplishment of the aptitude


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