NAME                         : WITA RAHMAWANTI

CLASS                          : 4 H

NIM                             : 0901065319




Today, we have been argued about which one is mightier from Asian and Western parental guides? Asian and western have their well-own parental guides. Naturally, in Asian countries, parents are well known as a hard discipline and authoritarian leadership. Hard discipline is being an obligation to their child. Parents always teach them how to be discipline and not waste their time for useless thing. In addition to the example, the best-seller book of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua tells one of the samples in implicating hard discipline to her child. Then, she just got a big goal for taking-care of her daughter who is able to play piano in the age 14 much more fluently than any other. On the other hand, parents have authoritarian guides. These make several children being suppressed and feeling afraid of their parents. In fact, they have to do well all the time and never humiliate their parents.

In contrast, western parents prefer to pay attention in their child psychologist and get used to their child on recognizing technology. As matter of fact, child psychologist is the main thing to care about for them. Because parents want their child do as they want. They do not want their child feels like burdened on their head. They have to feel free as their parents have experienced in their childhood. And this is the way for parents understand and realize in what kinds of talents their child needs to exploit. Besides that, parents point at them to get used to operate a computer. Moreover, they have to go online due to the increasing technology areas which make them familiar with technology of computer. But, sometimes children abuse this technology facility. Like, they search anything online that they must not seek out on their appropriate age.

And finally, which one do you think that much mightier between Asian or Western parental guides? But I do believe if we can mix up on their own parental guides, it would be much better than it should be.




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