NAME                                    : WITA RAHMAWANTI

CLASS                                    : 4 H

NIM                                       : 0901065319

ASSIGNMENT                   : 3 (THREE) LOVE AND SEX


Pregnancy out of marriage completely has reasonable causes, such as lack of sex-education, bad social-gathering and parent’s  guidance. Many teenagers don’t even think about safe-sex, they lack in education of sex whether it’s from parents or schools. Most of them have no cognition of the central facts in sexuality. Then, bad social-gathering could be also a reason to have sex because several polls have indicated peer pressure as a factor in encouraging boys and girls act it. Beside, drugs and alcohols may be possibly encourage unintended sexual activity. As we know that half of Indonesian teenagers have already done it, according to study teens reported. So how bad our teens life social associated? And thus, there is no parents guidance involved in educating their teens behavior. Sometimes parents have their own reason why they did not guide their child. It is because they do have much business to carry on. Nothing involved in their teenager’s life. And consequently, it could be very dangerous for their teens life in the future.


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