Name              : Yusuf Ismail

NIM                 : 0901065337

Class                : 4-H

Subject                        : Paragraph Writing

Assignment     : 4 (four)


Dumb people have a special way to communicate. They communicate to others by using sign language. It is a process of exchange of thoughts and ideas where the message is delivered. The ways usually used are by combining hand shapes, movement of the hands, arms and body, also facial expressions to express their thoughts. Sign language can repeat thoughts that have been conveyed verbally. For example, a child who is invited to a recreation place will jump up and down to express his happiness. Furthermore, it also can replace the verbal symbol. For example, in Indonesia, without saying a word, if someone shakes his head, it is known as a sign of disagreement, sadness, or disbelief of something.

Sign language is fully arranged by rules. Actually, there is no international sign language are successfully applied. Sign language is unique in its kind in any country. In addition, sign language may be different in countries speaking the same language. For example, the United States and Britain despite having the same written language, but both of them have overall differences (American Sign Language and British Sign Language). The reverse is also true. There are countries having difference written language (e.g. English and Spanish), but use the same sign language. As a result, by using this language, the dumb people still can communicate to others although they cannot speak and hear.


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