Parable of the Noah’s Ark Called “The Curriculum 2013”

Parable of the Noah’s Ark Called “The Curriculum 2013”


Written by: Herri Mulyono


In his parable, the minister of education and culture crowned himself as the Noah to whom God had spoken His holy verses (See Sindonews, 16 March 2013). Within glamorous fancy dream, the Noah was told by his Lord to save all Indonesian which he claimed as his people from a catastrophe. From the favour of his God’s eyes, the Indonesian Noah was instructed to build a giant ark which he called “The New Curriculum 2013”. He believed that the ark he was building would be the best he could afford to save his people and further generation of himself.

As he started to cut down the trees and shape them into a woody frame, people began to scream for criticism. They asked Noah for what he was doing with those trees. Noah had cut off great number of people’s trees and irrationally was said to build an enormous vessel on mountainous deserts. With his knowledge, Noah’s spoken verses were sent to those people of whom he recognized as unbelievers. “The country was occupied by a mess and if it were not with the new curriculum 2013 as a vessel, it would have headed to destruction,” said Noah. “Unless you were with us, you all people would have been swept by a giant flood God would send.”

Some people believed in what Noah had spoken to them about the future whereas some others cynically argued his plan through both spoken and written spells. Behind mountains, many of Noah’s people had not been really care as they were too pessimistic with future of the country. Some others criticized their money that Noah had spent for the giant project. Furthermore, the most interesting was some people had written petition to God claiming if he were really the Noah, the one He had genuinely sent to them to save their nation.

In the petition letter they sent to God, these people were in inquiry if God really told Noah to build a new ark that at the same time they had already got one giant vessel? Were it Noah that He chose, why had he not attempted to accomplish the old one and made it a perfect ark? They told God, that they were not the unbelievers as claimed by Noah, yet a remnant of people who also loved their country full heartedly.

Were the July 2013 the doomsday that he would had used the ark to save our people, why had the giant vessel not been shown to be strong and seen many wrecks on its wall even before it had been used to sail? Noah was believed in rushed to cut off the young trees for the body of the vessel. These woods clearly would have been strong enough to bring million of people on the crack vessel through incoming tremendous flood. Even some of his people: such as teachers and educators who agreed with the new ark plan had shown their critics about the flimsy vessel (see 25 March 2013).

If the vessel was intended to save people and their future generation from destruction, should it not have been made for a trial and error project? The trial and error project obviously would suffer many people not only their life but also their children’s life in the next days.

It was too ambitious project with no guarantee of success at all. It was similar argument from the new ark’s devotees who claimed the failure of our old vessel. All people had known that the making of new ark that Noah called the curriculum 2013 cost a lot of money, about Rp. 2.4 trillion (see Detiknews, 1 February 2013). They wondered about the money. This money of course did not belong to either Noah or people who supported him individually, but it was massively people’s money across the nation. Thus, we asked you God to open their ears to listen our cries.

If Noah really insisted for the new ark, had it been wise to listen to his people’s voice and had some seats to work together? Otherwise, Noah and his devotes may have their patience to wait for some years to have The Curriculum 2013 completed as a perfect vessel. This perfect vessel later was not only for a remnant of people, but all Indonesian people today and next generations. The ark would then be a proud of all people in the nation, as the curriculum may vessel their children and future generation to the qualified human resources.


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