About Me

11083621_957082197638222_10374007366834323_nN a m e : Herri Mulyono

Place, date of birth : October, 5th 1980

Address : Bekasi, sorry no phone available at the moment

Educational Background :

University of York, UK (PhD in Education) at present, investigating technology integration in EFL classroom

Field of Expertise:

  1. The teaching of English
  2. Curriculum, Syllabus, and Book Design
  3. Management of School and Virtual Learning
  4. Educational Research
  5. Development of Teaching Media using IT (Pengembangan Bahan Ajar berbasis IT)
  6. Teacher Trainer


  1. English Instructors at Intensive English Course (IEC), 2002-2007, Center for English Learning (CEL), 2002-2005, Berdikari English School, 2002-2007, Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia Amerika (LPIA), 2004
  2. English Teachers at SDN Kebon Bawang 08 PT, 2002-2008, SMA Negeri 92, 2007-2012
  3. English Lecturer at Polytechnic Bina Indonesia Jakarta, 2005, Muhammadiyah University of Prof. Dr. Hamka, 2009-now, Graduate Program Muhammadiyah Univeristy of Prof. Dr. Hamka, 2010-now, Visiting Lecturer STMT Tri Sakti Jakarta, 2011-2012
  4. Education Research Consultant, 2006-now
  5. Teacher Trainer for TPA, TK, SD Teachers in Jakarta at FITKOM, 2007-2009
  6. Book writer, reviewer and improvement; “English for Children” Class 1-6, 2005
  7. Test Consultant for Extracurricular Program at SDS Plus Hang Tuah 1, 5 and 6 under cooperation with IEC, 2007-2010
  8. Managing Director of E Compusoft English Online Training at  www.e-compusoft.com 2009-2013
  9. “Certified Trainer” for “The first to teach conversation class” from www.e-compusoft.com 2009
  10. Certified Debate Adjudicator” from Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia, 2009
  11. Developer of E-Learning (web-based learning) at Aktif Inggris. www.aktifinggris.com/elearning 2010-2013
  12. IT Staff of School Administration System at SMA Negeri 92 Jakarta, 2007-2009.
  13. Computer Laboratory Management and IT Consultant at SMA Negeri 83 Jakarta, 2005-2009
  14. Chief of Adjudicator, High School Debate Competition, North Jakarta 2009, 2010
  15. IT Coordinator in a CAL (Computer assisted learning) project at SMA Negeri 92 Jakarta, 2010-2011.


  1. Accredited adjudicator for Indonesian School Debating Competition, Kemdiknas, 2009
  2. Citisuccess Fund awardee, Hope Foundation Indonesia, 2010
  3. DIKTI scholarship awardee, 2012

Workshop and conferences:

  1. Paper Presenter, International Conference University of Lampung, 2010
  2. Speaker, Workshop on TEFL, Universitas Pelita Harapan, 2010
  4. Paper presenter, International TEFLIN conference, 2013
  5. Speaker, Cambodian TESOL (CamTESOL), National Institute of Education, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2012, 2014
  6. Poster presenter, International conference on computer in education (ICCE), 2013, 2014.


  1. English Teacher Association (MGMP) Jakarta, Committee of High School English Debate, 2009-2012
  2. Association of The Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN)
  3. APACALL, the Asia Pasific Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning
  4. AsiaTEFL

Publication: Click here to see and download my articles and papers

My workplace, The Institute for Effective Education (IEE), The Univ. of York (UK) (1:57)

72 thoughts on “About Me

  1. after reading your biography, i was surprised that you’re still so young. i’m sorry b’cos at the first time i read your writing, i thought that u’re an old man who have many experiences in teaching world. hehe.. nice to read your writing mr. herry..

  2. Thansk for you comment Ms. Sumiarti.
    That what i hear for a suggestion, “Let the youngs make the changes.” Just pray for us Ms. Sumiarti, the young who are trying to make the life better.

  3. The better of life is for all. But the young person have the big power to change and their movement can build our school and our nation. Keep our spirit, Mr.

  4. hii..sir… why there is no picture of you in this blog,sir?
    Btw, my i suggest. Could you please louder your voice when you are teaching us, because some of the students couldn’t hear what are you saying and it makes them confused if you explain the lesson or give assignments for us.
    Thanx for your opportunity to read my testy.

    your student

  5. Interesting webpage. I presume that you are now doing your MA/ PhD ( majoring in English) . Just browsing through the web to find a topic for my proposal submittion for the PhD programme at a local university in Malaysia . I hope and pray that you will do your postgraduate studies with flying colours and you will make a big impact in the lives of young people out there.

  6. I’m really pleased to have your visit ms. Adeline particularly by a PhD candidate like you. I also presume that you are now in the effort of investigation of certain area in language field. Furthermore, i expect that we could share ideas on the same field. for such reason, i hope you could provide me your e-mail address or your site.

    I’m planning to go to your country for pursuing my PhD and hopefully we might meet there. Insya allah. amin

    Thanks a lot for your visit.

  7. helo…mr…saya mw tanya ma mr….
    mr..tw ga tentang perusahaan tianshi…?kmarin sya ikut seminar PT.tianshi tmpatnya didpan mall ambassador…..dlam sminar itu sya dijanjikan pkerjaan dgan gaji bsar aplgi dtambah bonusnya sperti mobil bmw,kapal terbang mesin tunggal,kapal pesiar..dll yang srba LUXURIUS dan gaji bisa 40 jta per bulan, kerjanya yah lmayan mudah ,hanya menjual produknya mlalui member sperti tman yg sya ajak jadi member…nmun sya ga bgitu pcaya…tlong critain mr..tntang tianshi itu…hare..gene..gtoh,gampng bget cri uang… krim ke email sya aja yh mr…pnjlasannya..trims

  8. hi…mr. herri…! thanx a lot for your Ebooks…
    buku2 itu sudah saya pelajari & pahamin…
    cuma masih ada beberapa bagian yang belum saya mengerti…
    hehehe…maklum masih baru belajar mr. …
    tapi saya ga kan sia2kan buku yg mr. kasih untuk saya…
    saya akan coba terus pahamin buku2 dr mr. itu…
    tapi saya masih belum mengerti untuk menghubungkan domain co.cc saya & hosting 000webhost.com yang saya buat dengan worspress saya mr. …
    gimana menghubungkannya mr. ?


  9. hello mr,,,,

    Today,I don’t see you!! I want test story…
    because the test vocabulary i have bad score..
    and Mr.Heri say to me,today!! I search you in the school!! but didn’t to be…
    huftt,,, how about it Mr.Heri??


  10. Asslmkm…Mr. herry,..nice to visit ur blog…I’m a friend of Mr. jasmansyah..I have read your article about Learning Strategies..I’m writing my thesis now about language Learning Strategies….but I have some difficulties in analyze the data…can we share further…?thanks..

    • Thanks for visiting my blog mba Hila. I’m very happy to hear that this blog has given a value to you. Of course, we can share any thing and hopefully i can assist you in data analysis for your thesis.

  11. But, what day I can meet u at Uhamka Gandaria?do u still have a class??If not, can we share through the email?

    • I’ll be on friday and saturday during this semester. But, next friday and saturday i wont come as i have school meeting. If you wanna meet me, please contact me first by sending sms to 021-70053785.

  12. huy mr . how are you today?
    i want ask and see my score UN? mr tau ga? blh liat kan?
    btw,,i want ask your promise to science class??


    thx .

  13. mr. herry, I’m so proud to you because u’re the best teacher ever… cause U was teaching us use a technology in your teaching and learning and I say thank a lot because of you, I can be a student that understand about kind of blog and expecsially in english lesson.. ^_^
    keep struggle mr. hery
    god bless you !!

  14. assalamualaykum warahmatullahi, nice to know about u more here, proud of u and I need to learn much more know ledges from u, Sir. wasalam

    • Waalaikum salam, thanks a lot for the comment. Well, i also need to learn many things from u and your friends, very lovely students. Let’s share things here in this blog

  15. Assalamu’alaikum….
    nice to know U…and I proud of U….
    I remembered this word from my old friend, like this : “U’re so special because U were made by God and God doesn’t any mistakes”. I mean everyone have ability which have to develop. if you want to change the world or anything in it, the best place to start is with yourself. And I have a dream to reach it.
    Billahi Fii Sabililhaq Fastabiqul Khairat, Wassalamu’alaikum.

    • Once, i smiled reading your comment here in this page. “… and God doesnt make any mistake” you say, and, if this view then is put either inversely “… and God makes mistake” or we generate other critical question as subsequent of this comment, “how if then God makes mistake..?” what argument will come up to answer these inquiries… What will you respond then???

  16. please give me some suggests, Sir. I can’t speak english directly very well. what should I do?hehe. I have some “on line” friends from UK. but I’m too shy and too scared for chatting with them via cellphone.hehehe ^_^ thanks before …

    • Well, the best thing for english fluency is just by practicing the language, and the first requirement is that you have to be fully confident to communicate all things in your mind in english. Grammar? ah.. that’s other thing to notice. I started my english lesson by chatting and joining some forums. then, i invited them to discuss some ideas orally in english. If you’re always shadowed by anxiety of speaking english, then your english will just stay in somewhere else even you dont know.

  17. sorry,,sorry..sir….I mean ” U’re so special because U were made by God. God doesn’t make any mistakes”….
    Human is the place of mistakes and sins…but God doesn’t make any mistakes because God is the Almighty…..great perfect and there is no other creature in the world who can equalize. it’s my opinion…..I’m so sorry if I false….just in my mind…..what about U..???
    I’m really interesting if U wanna share with me about anything….

  18. Woow..
    Sir, U’re a smart man..

    Ur website is very useful to learn english.. I wanna ask something.. (n_n)

    Actually, i like studying English.. But i cant speak clearly.. I am still shame, if i start the conversation with my fren..

    So, what should I do to make my self confidence be better??

    Thx b4..

    • Well, there are many ways of building your confidence. The most interesting thing i suggest is that you have to see the worth of yourself and put away things that may make you small.

      When you have found your worth, optimize your potentials, show or express them to any people you meet. Not being arrogant, i think. alternatively, i see it as the way you could express ideas, thoughts, or any you have. Happy trying, …

  19. assalamualaikum
    hi mr herry…
    i’m so proud of all your experiance in teaching english..
    i hope i cold be an excellent and a wonderful teacher as well as you
    i hope i could share all about english (specially for english grammar)
    i’m sorry if my grammar still bad…

  20. assalamualaikm…

    aku lebih suka membaca artikel bahasa inggris mr, dibandingkan aku harus menuls bahsa inggris. ketahuan slahhnya sie… hehehe,
    jadi, langkah yang tepat untk pengenalan kata2 bhasa inggris tuh harus gmana? membaca dulu atau menulis yang benar?
    dan salah satu faktor nya lagi, grammar!!! ukhh… susah diitaklukan.

  21. ass…
    Hai MR. herri. I,m student for the economic muh.college in kalimantan timur. i’m very love english. but I can’t speak well. can U help me???
    coz, I belive if want really study, u can. so, i can speak english well and automatically without thingking.
    if i want your writing, when I go and fect your book.

  22. Assalamu’alaikum Mr Herry.
    You are my lecturer that always opens my mind about anything and I enjoy your class. I always get new information that make me surprised.

  23. Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.
    Hi Mr. Herry. I never have a mid test from you because I’m gettin sick at the time. And Mr. Bahrul said I have to meet you to get a mid test from you. What should I do? And how can I to meet you? Are you still in Uhamka? FKIP B. Inggris TEFL 5A

  24. hi sir, im from uhamka, tefl 5A
    i just wanna know how to get over a shame when i’m presenting or teaching since i ain’t self esteem . . .
    would u like to share ur experiences when the first time u teach? how was it?

    • Well, all things are from the confidence you have. The more you feel confidence the better you will present your material.

      In teaching, confidence could be built by preparing the materials. Of course, you will teach confidently when you have things enough to equip. You’ll be ready to speak, teach, and respond to your students’ questions.

      My experience?? thanks god i got Dr. Erida Pulungan when i joined her classes during my second year of my study at UNJ. She built my confidence earlier before i started my first teaching. Fortunately, i didnt have it in my first teaching.

      The point is that you have things that your students dont know, that is the value of you that make you “cleverer” than them.

      Have a nice teaching.

      You may also contact me via facebook ID: myenglish uhamka

  25. Dear Mas Herri,

    Englishkita Communication Forum (ECF) would like to invite English learners and teachers living in Bekasi to join an English discussion on August 14, 2010 at PEMKOT Bekasi building with a topic on “The Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Bekasi as an International Town.” A letter asking the mayor of Bekasi to open the forum has been sent. Hopefully he is willing to come to the program. This is a free gathering and we would be pleased to have you and your students as distinguished guests to this forum. The number of participants will be limited to 150, so those who are interested in the forum should register first at englishkita@gmail.com or text (SMS) to 081281026335. Please pass this invitation around your ‘neighborhood.’


    Agus Satoto

  26. Tolong kirimkan silabus yang efektif untuk mengajarkan siswa kursus SD, SMP dan SMA, di mana mampu menghasilkan siswa didik yg hebat speaking dan grammar. Makasih sebelumnya pak

  27. i do hope can be like you. give me some tips to be as successful as you are. do u always get what u want? if not, what is it? it seems to me you’ve got all of them. best wishes 4u

  28. Assalamualikum Mr. I’m Riri, your Student at Uhamka. Now, I’m in sixth semester. You are an inspiration to everyone :-). Mr, My friends and I are really interested in your program to increase speaking skilll. We really hope that You can teach us about it. When we got literature 1 in Class 5F, we ever told you that we want to join in your program. And You’ve told us to get permission from Kaprodi about it.. We have confirmed about this to Kaprodi of english department. She strongly supports our desire because this is very useful. She wants to get know more about this program. I often contact you through Hp but nothing response from you. Where should I contact you to talk about it?

    Please help us Mr to increase our speaking, We really want more confident with our english….
    Thank you Mr before, (^_^)

  29. hi, Mr Herry, I’m a teacher in a Private Junior High School. It is in a village. It’s about 80 km from Jakarta. I teach English. Actually my study is not English teacher. I feel not confident about my speaking, What should I do. Thanks alot.

  30. Ȋ̝̊ would like to open my own english course and Ȋ̝̊ need guide from you how to make ∕̴Ɩ sylabus for kg til elementary school thx anyway

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