The Plain Task for IQ Improvement

Plain Tasks for IQ Improvement


By. Herri Mulyono





Many people may be believed that improving their IQ needs typical and systematic procedure as well as sophisticated program to accomplish. This fact is shown by many of them who visit some memory clinics or even buy some classical music. These activities of course cost a lot of money. Though, the places like memory clinics or cassette stores are still full with crowd. Those people are convinced that by attending the clinics as well as having the classical music along with them may result on the improvement of their IQ.


However, many recent researches and studies conducted in relation with this matter such as Wenger (1993), Rossi (1988) as well as Diamond (1988) have shown particular plain activities that might benefit the program of IQ improvement. How much will you cost for those activities? It may be as much as what you cost for a slope of bread or even less. Besides their cheap price, the activities do not require you to visit some memory clinics, buy particular classical music or even attend any IQ enhancing course.


Improvement of IQ is primarily performed by our brain capacity. When our brain can function in the optimum state then it will perform its best that further will result on the increase of our IQ level as the sequence. In the contrary, when the brain performance seems to weaken day by days, thereby it lets the IQ down to the lower level.


The optimum state of our brain once can be reached through the supply of some chemical elements to the brain such as oxygen, acetylcholine, amino acid and some others. In this brief article, you will be informed on how to improve your IQ by empowering an effortless chemical element namely the oxygen in our surrounding over the ways you breathe.


People likely are not alert that by shifting their breath through the nostrils might enhance their IQ level. It is well known that our brain is shattered into two parts called left hemisphere (left brain) and right hemisphere (right brain). Each hemisphere determines the way a person thinks. Ostrander and Schroeder (1994) in their book Superlearning 2000 write that left hemisphere leads people to think logically such as in reasoning, using language, and doing math problems while the other hemisphere assist to empower his imaginary worlds, emotion, creativity and synthesizing as well. No one could utilize those two parts of the brain in the same time. In an occasion a person will be dominant in one part of the brain while at the other time he will be dominant with the other hemisphere. Shifting the nostrils while breathing will cause a person to be dominant with of the hemispheres for about 90 minutes long.


In other words, using one of the nostrils while people are breathing will alert one of the brain hemispheres for 90 minute-time-duration. This of course will benefit our learning of particular subject. While learning a subject that requires one of the hemispheres, we should come into the dominance of utilizing that hemisphere so that the learning would attribute best result.


To arrive at of brain dominance whether it is the left or the right-brain dominance, a typical way dealing with handling nostrils while breathing must come to our concern. Generally it is known that our brain plays cross-controlling to all parts of the body. This means that the left part of the brain hemispheres controls the right part of the body and the other hemisphere directs the left parts of the body. Similarly this condition also occurs on how the left hemisphere of the brain monitors the right nostril and how the right one rules the left nostril while we are breathing. The impacts are handling the left nostril during the inhaling-exhaling process will lead to right-brain dominance and at the other side, having the right nostril might get us into the state of left-brain dominance.


Gently written, reaching the alert state of the left hemisphere for 90 minutes in advance could be done through having treatment toward the right nostril, that is by pressing against the left nostril by your finger by which it allows you to breathe deeply through the right.



How to implement this technique, then? Let us have in instance, you are having a math examination and you know that this duty would be a task for your left hemisphere. Concerning to this condition, you should awaken the left hemisphere of your brain so that it will have been ready for the next 90 minutes of the exam and assist you along the exam.