Report: An Introduction

By: Herri Mulyono

Report can be defined as a piece of text that represents information about a subject. It is proposed “to classify” and or “to describe” using facts about the subject parts, behavior, and qualities.” A report might be similar with a descriptive text. Yet, what makes different is the subject (talked in report paragraph) is usually GENERAL rather than particular. For example: “Skin” rather than an individual person’s skin.

Similarly with other types of text, a report can be composed by three elements; introduction, body, and conclusion. The first introduction begins with a brief description about the issue (subject). This introduction might cover clear definition about the subject. Then, the body paragraph provide more detailed information about the subject that the conclusion will give either comprehensive analysis about the subject or the writer’s subjective opinion.

A report text can be easily composed by paying more attention to the use of simple present tense (that use verb 1) and some technical term of the subject being discussed such as Chemistry: molecule, calories or Math: integral, equity.

The example of Report text can be seen below:

A galaxy is a collection of stars and other astronomical bodies, including planets, comets and asteroids.

Galaxies come in different shapes and size. This include the spiral, barrel-spiral and elliptical. Our galaxy, called the Milky Way, is approximately 100.000 light years in width and contain over 100 billion stars.

At this point in time, no one knows the exact number of galaxies in the universe. Astronomers are learning more and more about them every day. (Adapted from book Type of Text)

Below you’ll see in comment some more samples on Report written down by my students:

Funny Story, Spoof, Anecdote

Funny stories, spoof and anecdote are sort of genre which are often founded in our teaching learning process at high school. Those genre types are proposed to entertain the readers with particular funny things. The following are some samples of funny story, spoof and anecdote which are collected by my students at SMA Negeri 92 North Jakarta. Those stories are shown in the comment below:

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