Regret: A Grammatical Formula

Regret Formula: Subject + should + have + v3 ==== look at the example below:

I regret because I hit his car = I should not have hit (V3) his car

Positive                                                          negative

I regret because I didn’t give her a flower = I should have given her a flower

Negative                                                                                              positive

I regret because yesterday I didn’t come to school = I should have come to school yesterday

I regret because yesterday I didn’t eat = I should have eaten yesterday

I feel bad because I refused (rejected) her love = I should have received (accepted) her love == using antonym rather than “not”

I feel bad because I didn’t go to Bali = I should have gone to Bali

Formula = Subject + should + have + v3

I shouldn’t have leaved her in the rail way station (negative)

Fact = I leaved her (positive) = antonym verb

Regret = I regret that I leaved her in the rail way station

Speech and Speaking


A speech is actually the activity of transferring message, ideas, thought or other intention from Speaker to the audience.

The important things in giving a speech are:

  • How your message is understood by other people
  • You’re not playing around with your words, but straight to the point or to the issue

Genre: Explanation and Exposition

What should you do?

Choose the topic

Topic is not a title

Topic: Global warming

A Title has to be very specific than a topic. It has to be about a fact, an issue or even particular events

Break down (Specify=make it more specific):

Possible title:

  1. The dangerous of global warming
  2. The effect ….
  3. Let’s save our earth

Topic about: Wildlife

Possible title:

  1. The almost extinct of Bubut Java
  2. Under the blue sea

Your topic:

Your title:

Make an outline

Give small introduction of yourself

State your topic and the title

Talk why you’re interested with the topic/ title

Give small background

Body of the speech

1)      Give definition

2)      What and why (provide facts – read some books or find some resources from internet)

3)      A good speech has to offer solution (How)



Ladies and gentleman, all my friends

The honorable …..

(You have to make repetition)

Have your own draft

English Remedial XII IA

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