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Welcome to myenglish01!

In this blog, you”ll see, read, write, and also experience idea and discussion on all things related to our main task, teaching English. The idea and discussions on teaching English will be primary divided into categories following to the four English main skills. However, some categories include the area of ICT, moral value, typical teaching and learning activities and some others. After reading the ideas, I invite you to deliver your comments or other contributions related to particular topics you are interested in.

The implementation of ICT (information and communication technology) in language teaching and learning, particularly in field of TESOL has been my strong interest and a pursuit for a career in the field. This was promoted during my postgraduate studies when Dr. Hartoyo and his assistant M. Lukman, M.A, lectures on ICT in English teaching at English Education Department, Graduate School of UHAMKA University gave me much insights toward how such CALL (Computer assisted language learning) application would provide benefits to language learners especially Indonesian learners whereas opportunity to access learning using technology does not seem widely available. Electronic devices like computers with internet network in many areas in Indonesia are not easy to get and access.  I came to realize learners in especially remote area should obtain chance equally to those living in big cities like Jakarta.

Besides, the implementation of ICT is likely to be accommodated by teacher performance. Yet, teaching approaches and techniques toward such ICT implementation in area of English language teaching and learning does not seem to be well recognized by teachers within the practice. Thus, practice of teaching using technology like computer becomes misleading issue of substituting presence of teacher with technology like computer. The need of approaches and techniques of English language teaching using information and communication technology as well as CALL application represent for me a field in which I can achieve satisfying personal development.

At the side of love of teaching and with distinguished postgraduate performance, I was appointed to work as a lecturer at the Department of English Education of UHAMKA University, the most prestigious university in Jakarta for its teacher training center. In my professional practice, I attach significant importance to implementing ICT in English language teaching and learning. I introduced the use of Computer Mediated communication, Computer based Instruction and Computer based Assessment into my classroom practices providing different atmosphere of learning which swift the dependent learning environment to the students’ English learning independency.

In addition, I attempt to gain more insights into the student’ learning psychology from in-class and off-class communications with them so as to bring something new particularly in humanistic teaching and learning activities. Forthrightly, I am supposed to attribute all my creativities to the enlightenments that I received from the lectures during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies and from the self-study of experts on education, particularly in area of ICT implementation in English language teaching and learning that I read under the influence of the Program.

For my professional dedication and for my innovative teaching, I have been awarded a succession of honors that endow me with a strong sense of pride and achievement. My project “Having fun with English running dictionary” was tightly selected among hundreds overall Indonesia for creative English teaching innovation by the HOPE Foundation Indonesia in 2010. Further, my recognition towards ICT implementation in English teaching and learning brought me to the English Education Department of UHAMKA University to evaluate the running syllabus of ICT in English teaching as well as to step onto higher position as Assistant Lecturer on ICT in language teaching and learning at English education program, the Graduate School, UHAMKA University. In this sense of applied technology in language teaching and learning field, I was invited to share my ideas on Cambodian TESOL conference last February 2012.

My research results are embodied in proceeding published by University of Lampung, Lampung. In addition, I was appointed as listening test maker to Regional English Try Out Test Center, Secondary Education Body of North Jakarta. I have been responsible for the debate competition for High School students in North Jakarta since 2009.

However, my professional activities that sometime bring me to many schools around Indonesia have made me deeply recognize reasons for being 160th position of my beloved country, Indonesia. The country is obviously well known for the second biggest Internet users for some social networks, yet this outstanding quantity does not walk along with educational purposes and activities as well as in the industrial countries.

The University of York, United Kingdom has given me opportunities to sharpen my recognition in inevitable role of ICT in education particularly in English teaching and learning practice. Under the commitment in standard facility of national education, the government of Indonesia not only has brought computers to schools but also disputes regarding to the concept of computer assistance to the learning as well as the swifts of teachers’ main role in instruction. Alternative of combining the modern technology with humanistic sense would encourage number of researches to conduct. Both modern technology in English language teaching and learning and the complexity of human individuals have made the comprehensive application of diverse educational approaches necessary.

My PhD scholarship at the University of York UK is motivated by my strong interest in the application of modern science and technology, especially the information technology represented by the. ICT implementation in English Language Teaching is a new discipline that has emerged as a result of the rapid development of modern communication technology since the late 20th century. It has tremendous potential for development and commercial application.

Well, enjoy your time here in this blog, and give your comments, ideas and contributions!!

Herri Mulyono

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  1. Thanks Mr Harri. I belief this site very helpfull 4 everyone…. specially 4 English teacher and other people in this world. Sorry 4 my bad English,here I just want be better

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, mas Ary. Yeah, your hope goes with mine in improving not only English as international language but also teachers’ competence in teaching English.

    I don’t think you have to say sorry of your English. it is part of learning that soon you would feel that your English is improving. We don’t say that our ignorance is a MISTAKE, do we?

  3. i think this is a very nice blog, especially for englsih teacher, b’cos they can sahre what method, techniques, or media for teaching their students.
    it also can be a way for the reader to study english, by visiting this blog, i get many experience and it can widen my knowledge about how to teach my student. thanks Mr. herry

  4. Thanks for you comment Ms. Sumiarti. Hopefully you can share your ideas related to the practice of teaching english for school or even university area you are teaching. I’ll be happy to hear from you

  5. I just visit and i find this blog. Extra ordinary, we can learn, discuss, etc. and i’m proud with Mr.Herri can make this blog. Thank you Mr.

  6. It’s honored to have a special guess as you Pa Membran. How’s life going on…. It’s nice to have a geography teacher visit my blog and talk about English. This proves that English could also be a bridge for other teacher to deliver their materials in or out of classroom. Share your ideas throughout this blog and let make a contribution to this country from a tiny thing like this, especially in the area of our work, Teaching. Go, go… go Pa Membran

  7. nice blog…I hope through visiting your blog I as english teacher will get some benefits, such as new friends, new idea in teaching…and all good things hopefully



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  9. Yeah, it’s better know what you dont know rather than act out what you dont know. All things begin from our ignorance, dont they?? We’re running for the improvement, bro

  10. Thank you. is very helpful to me.
    can you give me some example of adult learning models include experiential learning , constructivism, co-operative and collaborative learning?

  11. As salamualaikum…
    Hai my Teacher, My opinion with your web is good, because this can be media study. thank’s.

  12. It’s a good and noble idea to invite others to share ideas and knowledge. By the way, as an English teacher, you are not supposed to be ungrammatical, aren’t you? I read your poems, and some lines violates grammar (well, I think that’s o.k. for literary work). But how about your header saying “Let’s make…..more simple…? Shouldn’t it be “simpler and more….”
    Hey, no hurt-feeling, mate! It’s just a comment. Anyway, two thumbs up for you, buddy!

  13. Thanks a lot for your comment mba efi. For the header, i’m deeply aware of such mistake. however, it takes time to fix it because i have to redesign it with some complicated program. It’s a tiring and more, i don’t have time to have it redesigned.

    Btw. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  14. assalamualaikum wr wb?
    my opinion at your color poetry:
    why she/he always to connect on color of a darkned last minute sunset or dimming workfire hue?
    whether she/he that your to make inspired toward all your mistakes who have you already done!
    and who can give you alive sight alone,whether your girlfriends or who?
    but your poetry is funtastic>>>>>>>>

  15. Frankly speaking I am new in using blog as a media for communicating with others but here, I really surprised when I saw your blog and some of your students work. Would you facilitate any forums for english teachers especially in around bekasi and jakarta so that I can share any ideas or problem solving when we got any problems in teaching

  16. helo…mr…saya mw tanya ma mr….
    mr..tw ga tentang perusahaan tianshi…?kmarin sya ikut seminar PT.tianshi tmpatnya didpan mall ambassador…..dlam sminar itu sya dijanjikan pkerjaan dgan gaji bsar aplgi dtambah bonusnya sperti mobil bmw,kapal terbang mesin tunggal,kapal pesiar..dll yang srba LUXURIUS dan gaji bisa 40 jta per bulan, kerjanya yah lmayan mudah ,hanya menjual produknya mlalui member sperti tman yg sya ajak jadi member…nmun sya ga bgitu pcaya…tlong critain mr..tntang tianshi itu…hare..gene..gtoh,gampng bget cri uang… krim ke email sya aja yh mr…pnjlasannya..trims

  17. heloo mr…
    im asih saprawati u can call me achi for 5G class of fkip uhamka university …
    im very nice with ur teaching, because seldom the lectures of uhamka teaching with make english language, i dont know like that…
    im very hopefull u can help me can to talk english well..
    i think enough, thanks for attention, im very sorry if my grammer is false..
    nice to know u mr heryy….

    • Well, thanks a lot for visiting my web. I’m just trying to serve UHAMKA students with good teaching quality as so they may adopt it for their own teaching later. Mistake in grammar? Not a big problem. All do it for sure, and your efforts to speak in english is much important. Keep learning, Achi.

  18. hiii mr :D how was ur day,, hope it’d be lovely dayyy… i’m lita, the leader of 5F. it’s nice to read ur article.. n i confused a lil bit. but hopefully i can be like that ><
    mr, where can i submit my own poem, story,, or somethingelse by the way??? is it over here???

    • This blog is proposed for those who want to share ideas, could also be a poetry or poem, and other works. You could post your ideas by giving comment to each of , category in this blog. well, i’ll be waiting for your poem and story here. happy writing for you

  19. Hello sir…..I come back again……
    don’t bore with me..hehehe…

    * In Islam. Allah SWT said in the holy Qur’an…
    “God will not change a nation unless the people themselves chsnge”

    * In Christianity :
    “Blessed are the pure in heart…Those who have wronged you, I say, forgive not seven times but seventy times seven.” (The Bible)

    * In Hinduism :
    ” That man attains peace who abandoning all desire moves about without demands, without the sense of “I” and “mine”. (Bhagavad Gita)

    * In Buddhism :
    ” Hatred does not cease by hatred. Easily seen are the faults of others, but one’s own faults are hard to see….conquer the angry man by love, conquer the miser with generosity, conquer the lier with truth”

  20. Hellooo..sir….what do you think about my comment above…???
    Please give Ur reason,,,thx….

    • Actually, in academic writing, we’re free to find any support for our argumentation by quoting some theories or other experts. However, we cannot only quote such theories but also give some evaluation on them. I think, you need to provide some evaluation on those quotations you have mentioned and make conclusion as well.

  21. assalamulaikum wr.wb….
    hello mr…
    i’m mega ade kurnia class 1 j FKIP in UHAMKA university. i want to ask to you, where is the material basic english struture?? i don’t find it….?? please reply…?? thanks before mr….

  22. I dipo Syahrudin
    previous minal wal aidzin faidzin,Where are you now?
    still remains a teacher of English?sorry if my english is very bad
    I now feel very loss first because I’m lazy to learn English, was until recently the English language is in need in all areas and positions in the world of work

  23. thanks though I could not really English but I am very grateful for your services to teach English through technology so that I could know the English language.

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