Name               : Yusuf Ismail

NIM                 : 0901065337

Class                : 4-H

Subject             : Paragraph Writing

Assignment      : 1 (one)


Most of us believe that love comes firstly from eyes. Below are the ways to express the love by using eyes. Firstly, you can express love by keeping your eyes contact to one you love. You have to keep looking at one’s eyes you love for a few seconds. While you are looking at her eyes, you can give her a little sweet smile as well. This way will surely give her impression at the first time. However, do not look at her eyes too much. Looking at her eyes too much might cause her get shy. If she gets shy and her face becomes a bit red, it might make her run away from you. On the other hand, your mission will be failed. Afterward, you also can express your love by winking your eyes. Winking means that you have to close one of your eyes for a short time. It is usually used by everyone who has been closing to one they love. Because of that, you are able to use this way when you have convinced that she loves you too. It seems that this way will lead you to make her be yours. Finally, you have successfully made her love you and your eyes are the heroes.


NAME                         : WITA RAHMAWANTI

CLASS                          : 4 H

NIM                             : 0901065319




Today, we have been argued about which one is mightier from Asian and Western parental guides? Asian and western have their well-own parental guides. Naturally, in Asian countries, parents are well known as a hard discipline and authoritarian leadership. Hard discipline is being an obligation to their child. Parents always teach them how to be discipline and not waste their time for useless thing. In addition to the example, the best-seller book of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua tells one of the samples in implicating hard discipline to her child. Then, she just got a big goal for taking-care of her daughter who is able to play piano in the age 14 much more fluently than any other. On the other hand, parents have authoritarian guides. These make several children being suppressed and feeling afraid of their parents. In fact, they have to do well all the time and never humiliate their parents.

In contrast, western parents prefer to pay attention in their child psychologist and get used to their child on recognizing technology. As matter of fact, child psychologist is the main thing to care about for them. Because parents want their child do as they want. They do not want their child feels like burdened on their head. They have to feel free as their parents have experienced in their childhood. And this is the way for parents understand and realize in what kinds of talents their child needs to exploit. Besides that, parents point at them to get used to operate a computer. Moreover, they have to go online due to the increasing technology areas which make them familiar with technology of computer. But, sometimes children abuse this technology facility. Like, they search anything online that they must not seek out on their appropriate age.

And finally, which one do you think that much mightier between Asian or Western parental guides? But I do believe if we can mix up on their own parental guides, it would be much better than it should be.




NAME                                    : WITA RAHMAWANTI

CLASS                                    : 4 H

NIM                                       : 0901065319

ASSIGNMENT                   : 3 (THREE) LOVE AND SEX


Pregnancy out of marriage completely has reasonable causes, such as lack of sex-education, bad social-gathering and parent’s  guidance. Many teenagers don’t even think about safe-sex, they lack in education of sex whether it’s from parents or schools. Most of them have no cognition of the central facts in sexuality. Then, bad social-gathering could be also a reason to have sex because several polls have indicated peer pressure as a factor in encouraging boys and girls act it. Beside, drugs and alcohols may be possibly encourage unintended sexual activity. As we know that half of Indonesian teenagers have already done it, according to study teens reported. So how bad our teens life social associated? And thus, there is no parents guidance involved in educating their teens behavior. Sometimes parents have their own reason why they did not guide their child. It is because they do have much business to carry on. Nothing involved in their teenager’s life. And consequently, it could be very dangerous for their teens life in the future.


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